Friday, September 30, 2016

The Men Who Steal Meat From Lions

In Southern Kenya, Dorobo hunters use brains and teamwork to secure a meal. They wait for a pride of lions to kill a wildebeest, then steal their dinner from right under the predators' noses.

Via Holy Kaw!

Horn Please

Horn Please is a documentary by Shantanu Suman that documents the colorful art adorning many trucks in India. The title derives from a message seen behind each and every truck in India. It is a signal for the vehicles behind the trucks to blow the horn before overtaking. The sheer exposure of the signage has led it to become a popular phrase among Indians.

HORN PLEASE from Shantanu Suman on Vimeo.


Colors of Coral Seen Through a Macro Lens

“Coral Colors" is a short film from myLapse that captures the colors and movement of coral using amazing macro footage. The project was created to call attention to the harmful effects of global warming on the Great Barrier Reef. Make sure you watch it in full screen mode.

coral colors from myLapse on Vimeo.

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"Artichokes With Legs" Finally Get Protection

The pangolin is the only known mammal with scales. It are also one of the world’s most trafficked mammals as its scales are used in traditional Chinese medicine. CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) has now officially banned commercial trading of pangolins. That's good news for the "artichokes with legs."


Library Cake

Kathy Knaus hand-designed this amazingly detailed interior section of a public library in cake form.