Saturday, December 20, 2014

Red Green's Christmas Turkey Bake

In this clip from It's a Wonderful Red Green Christmas Red shows you how to make a complete Christmas dinner without a kitchen.

Vivaldi Motet Nulla in mundo pax sincera in E major, RV630 by Anke Herrmann

A little moment of calm in this hectic season.

The Auteurs Of Christmas

Fourgrounds Media Inc. and Suitcase in Point Theatre Company created this video showing Christmas morning through the eyes of various film directors.

If you liked that you can see Part 2 here


What If Manhattan...

More than 1.5 million people live in Manhattan. If this happened to all of them, would you notice? The Hamdi Foundation, a charity operating in conjunction with UNHCR, the U.N. refugee agency, released a YouTube video illustrating the scale of the Syrian Refugee crisis by showing what 1.5 million people leaving Manhattan would look like.

Via: The Presurfer

Pub Dog

This little guy knows how to get what he wants.

Via everlasting blort

The Blue And The Green

Do you see embedded spirals, right, of green, pinkish-orange, and blue in the photo above? Actually you don't -  the green and the blue spirals are the same color.  Bad Astronomy loaded the image in Photoshop and examined the two spirals. In the two squares displayed below, the one on the left is colored using the same color from the blue spiral, and on the right using the green spiral.

Read more about this illusion here


Star Wars Snowflakes

For four years Anthony Herrera has been designing Star Wars Snowflakes  to download for the holidays.

Han Solo

Jabba The Hut
This year he has also created Frozen Themed Snowflakes for your Christmas enjoyment! What fun!

Throw a snowflake party. Have sharp x-acto knives and lots of bandaids on hand.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Victorian Christmas Cards

With the printing of England’s first commercial Christmas card in 1843 a new seasonal tradition was launched. That card and others are in the Laura Seddon Collection at Manchester Metropolitan University. Here are a few creepy cards from from its archive.

More: The Guardian

Rebecca Rütten's Junk Food Art

Contemporary Pieces is a series of 5 Portraits and 5 Still Life photographs by German-born artist Rebecca Rütten that brings to mind classic paintings of the Late Renaissance period.

Thanks Bruce!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

LOTR Inspired Litter Box & Cat Scratching Post

Every other week, some of Hollywood's top prop makers build one-of-a-kind items for super-fans of comic books, video games, movies, and pop culture.. This week, in celebration of the release of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies they're building a Hobbit-hole Bag End kitty litter box and an Eye of Sauron scratching post! The LOTR super-fan and his cats were suitably impressed.