Thursday, May 25, 2017

Have We Really Killed the Great Barrier Reef?

Rising ocean temperatures have caused mass coral bleaching in coral reefs around the world, in every tropical ocean from the Caribbean to the South Pacific. This is now considered to be the biggest threat that coral reefs face. But its obituary may have been premature.

Maps Show Terrorist Attacks Worldwide For Last 20 years

Carnegie Mellon researchers teamed up with Robert Muggah, a global security expert and director of Igarape Institute to create Earth TimeLapse, an interactive platform that relies on data from the Global Terrorism Database to create maps of how many terrorism-related deaths occur annually worldwide. The larger the red circle, the more deaths in a given attack.

Below is a non-interative time-lapse of global terror attacks from 1994-2014, also based on data from the Global Terrorism Database:

The Biodiversity Heritage Library

The Biodiversity Heritage Library maintains a huge collection of plant and animal drawings with over 110,000 images, organized into hundreds of albums that they've made available on Flickr.


Wisteria at Ashikaga Flower Park, Japan

I had a beautiful wisteria that I grew from a small cutting and its bloom was the highlight of my garden each June until it was felled by a bug infestation two years ago. Until a cutting I took from that plant takes off I console myself with photos and videos of this magnificent 100 year old Japanese wisteria.

Jean-Baptiste Courtier's Vintage Images

The work of French photographer Jean-Baptiste Courtier is influenced by classic film and music. He brings cinematic elements into his latest shoot Cine-Reve, created for Madame Figaro's Mode magazine.