Tuesday, February 21, 2017

In a Mass Knife Fight to the Death Between Every American President, Who Would Win and Why?

In 2009 Canadian Geoff Micks wrote a blog post addressing the pressing question of which president can lay legitimate claim to the title of Knife Fighting Man. Mr. Micks’s bet is on Theodore Roosevelt, imperialist brawler and butcher of many animals.

Who's missing from the list? President Trump. His braggadocious style — and firsthand experience with professional wrestling — would serve him well. “Even if he got stabbed over and over, he’d say that it was fake news, and that he was making knife fights great again,” Mr. Micks told the New York Times.

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The Past Month in a Nutshell

By Tom Tomorrow

Artful Ashes Memorial Creations

Honouring someone you love can take many forms. Artists at Artful Ashes in Seattle capture the essence of your loved one's spirit sealed in a piece of glass sculpture.

Thanks Bruce!


Artist Federico Babina's Archiatric series pictures what mental illness would look like in architectural form.

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Wisdom The Albatross Has A Baby At Age 66

At age 66 Wisdom, the Laysan albatross, is the oldest wild bird in the world. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that she successfully hatched another chick last Thursday at the U.S. Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge that she calls home.
First tagged in 1956, Wisdom wasn’t seen again until 2002, 46 years later. She was most likely hatched at the refuge all those years back, explaining why she returns to have her babies there every year alongside her lifelong mate, Akeakamai.
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