Saturday, March 17, 2018


Shot almost entirely underwater and without words Breathless tells the tale of a synchronized swimmer who is competing to win the championship and her coach’s heart.

Breathless from VGNC on Vimeo.


Creating Crystal Foxes

The vulptex, featured in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, are foxlike creatures with crystal fur who live on the salt planet Crait. They were created using puppetry, animatronics, and CGI. Here's how they were brought to life:

Via Neatorama

Steve Jobs’ 1973 Job Application Sells for $174,000

This job application was submitted to an employer by Steve Jobs in 1973 when he was a young college dropout. It just sold for $174,757 at auction.

I wonder if he got the job. Looking at this lacklustre effort I probably wouldn't have hired him. The next year he got a tech job at Atari. In 1976 Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple and the rest is history.


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The Invasion Of The Stinkbugs

One October night a few years back, Pam Stone was downstairs watching television with her partner, Paul Zimmerman, when it struck her that their house was unusually cold. Stone and Zimmerman live just outside Landrum, South Carolina, in an A-frame cabin; upstairs in their bedroom, French doors lead out to a raised deck. That week, autumn had finally descended on the Carolinas, killing off the mosquitoes and sending nighttime temperatures plummeting, and the previous evening the couple had opened those doors a crack to take advantage of the cool air. Now, sitting in front of the TV, Stone suddenly realized that she’d left them open and went up to close them.
Zimmerman was still downstairs when he heard her scream...
The Zimmerman's story is not unique. As a matter of fact we have had marmorated stink bugs Chez Nag for the last three years; so far it has been a mini-invasion. I occasionally find their dead or dying carcasses on the floor of our second storey. I flush them down the toilet without crushing them so I have not yet experienced their signature ammonia-and-sulfur stench (and hope I never will).

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