Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Father of Industrial Design

The shape and look of the objects we handle doesn't just happen. It happens by design.  Raymond Loewy was known as "the man who changed the face of industrial design."

The Pride Shield

LGBT people around the world are targets of violence. This PSA by Fondation Émergence shows how 193 pride flags (one for each country) can end the epidemic of crimes against sex and gender minorities.


Wrong Hands

Harriet Ogden's Costume Designs

Costume designer Harriet Ogden's graduate collection at the ECA performance costume show featured designs for Puccini's Madam Butterfly. Her creations are modern but incorporate traditional Japanese techniques such as Shibori and Sashiko.

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Sociable Weaver Birds of South Africa

Male weaver birds are brilliant architects that build elaborate nests to attract mates. These photos show how they have woven grass, leaves, twigs and roots into love shacks on telephone poles. When wet the nests become so heavy that they drag the poles down.

Via  Present and Correct